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Peer Analysis

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Performance Ratios (%) EGBN Peer Median Peer Average
ROAA 1.91 1.14 1.06
ROAE 14.89 9.84 10.28
Net Interest Margin 4.10 3.36 3.27
Efficiency Ratio 37.32 59.67 59.56
Loans / Deposits 100.25 96.34 94.76
Asset Quality Ratios (%)
NPAs / Assets NA 0.55 0.71
NCOs / Avg Loans 0.05 0.03 0.04
Reserves / Loans 1.00 0.89 0.87
Reserves / NPAs NA 107.61 167.32
Capital Ratios (%)
Tier 1 Capital 12.49 12.26 12.97
Tangible Equity / Tangible Assets NA 9.06 9.42
Total Equity / Total Assets 13.22 10.07 10.61
Market Ratios
Price / Earnings (x) 13.58 13.49 13.43
Price / Book (%) 186.09 131.59 146.37
Dividend Yield (%) 0.00 2.16 2.10
Data for trailing four quarters

Eagle Bancorp, Inc.'s peer group consists of the following: Access National Corporation (ANCX), Bancorp, Inc. (TBBK), BNC Bancorp (BNCN), Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc. (BPFH), Brookline Bancorp, Inc. (BRKL), Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company (BHRB), Cardinal Bankshares Corporation (CDBK), Cardinal Financial Corporation (CFNL), Century Bancorp, Inc. (CNBK.A), Community Financial Corporation (TCFC), Customers Bancorp, Inc. (CUBI), Dime Community Bancshares, Inc. (DCOM), Enterprise Financial Services Corp (EFSC), Flushing Financial Corporation (FFIC), Frederick County Bancorp, Inc. (FCBI), Georgetown Bancorp, Inc. (GTWN), Hudson Valley Holding Corp. (HVB), Independent Bank Corp. (INDB), Lakeland Financial Corporation (LKFN), Middleburg Financial Corporation (MBRG), Northfield Bancorp, Inc. (NFBK), Oritani Financial Corp. (ORIT), Sandy Spring Bancorp, Inc. (SASR), Sterling Bancorp (STL), Tompkins Financial Corporation (TMP), Washington Trust Bancorp, Inc. (WASH), WSFS Financial Corporation (WSFS)

Eagle Bancorp, Inc.'s financial data is as of 12/31/2018.

Peer financial data is as of 12/31/2018 except for these companies:

Hudson Valley Holding Corp.'s financial data is as of 3/31/2015.
Middleburg Financial Corporation's financial data is as of 12/31/2016.
Cardinal Bankshares Corporation's financial data is as of 6/30/2016.
Cardinal Financial Corporation's financial data is as of 3/31/2017.
BNC Bancorp's financial data is as of 3/31/2017.
Georgetown Bancorp, Inc.'s financial data is as of 3/31/2017.